Monday, October 12, 2009

Protect your USB drive with password automatically

USB Secure

USB Secure is a new product by It helps you password protect your usb drives without any installation requirement on the other end. Move your data easily from one PC to another and the protection will be remain, even in other Operating Systems.

What I like most about this program is that it installs directly to my USB drive. It detects the plug-and-play of my USB devices like External drives and memory cards too. The preloader, built-in with this program automatically detects plugging of USB drives on any computer I move my USB drive to.

Furthermore the program doesn't require installation on the other end and no administrator rights are required. Which is obviously very interesting because other computers at the airport or internet cafe do not give installation rights when you want most.

We've tested the application on other operating systems and the protection it offers works on Linux and Mac computers too. Data once secured with USB secure seems impossible to break into. I had my tech guys try to break into the security and they can't figure how to get in. You need the password to open your Data once you've set a password in your drive with USB Secure.

USB Secure

If you travel with your data a lot, and keep that data whether in laptops or in USB drives and external drives, USB Secure is a must. This program also comes with a down to earth help manual and free trial. We tested USB Secure in Windows Vista Home Premium and the company claims that the product works on all versions of Windows including XP and Windows 7.0

To download USB Secure go to

Best Folder Locking Software

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a fast file locking and encryption software product from The program offers tons of new exciting features for people wanting top-notch privacy of their computer files and folders. In our test, the program took 1.2 minutes to encrypt 2 GBs of data and didn't required more than 1 second to open / close the encrypted container called 'Locker' once it was created.

Equally impressive was the File Locking feature of the program. It locked and hide all the files, folders and drives we selected (dragged and dropped in the program). The great part was that the protection worked even in Safe Mode and it was extremely easy for us to lock any folder and even a drive.

Normally encryption programs are created with a single-user mindset without realizing that many users share a single computer and need security individually. Folder Lock works smart by taking this fact into account and allow multiple users to create multiple accounts i.e. personal Lockers. Each Locker can then have its own password and its own way of protection, even the list of locked items.

A casual PC user may very well do without a data protection software, but businessmen and especially entrepreneurs need this thing. Don't worry, encryption isn't limited to the tech-savvy. Probably they don't need it as much as you do. Theft or Leak of your data can cost you millions. We have found no other encryption program that can beat the ease of use and reliability we found with Folder Lock and therefore highly recommend you at least give it a try.

Folder Lock is an extensively reviewed by technology gurus like, and won a PC Magazine Editor's Choice in the year 2008.

Folder Lock can be downloaded from

To learn more about its exciting feature, we recommend you also have a look at their video tutorial or click on any of the topics below to learn more about how to use Folder Lock.

Folder Lock How Tos